Regina pair arrested after woman kidnapped, tied up and abandoned in rural area

Regina man injured after being shot close range

Police have arrested and charged a Regina pair in connection with a case that saw a woman kidnapped, driven away from the city and left tied up in a rural area.

On Jan. 7, an RCMP detachment got a call from a woman, saying she had been forced out of a home in Regina by gunpoint.

She was taken to a grid road near Francis, Sask., 65 kilometres southeast of Regina, tied to a fence-post and abandoned there by a man and a woman.

She says she knew her alleged kidnappers. 

The victim was able to free herself and get help from a passing driver, who took her to safety. 

Two days later, Regina police charged a 27-year-old woman and a 35-year-old man in relation to the kidnapping.

In the Regina home police found them in, they spotted a sawed-off .22 calibre semi-automatic rifle, ammunition, an airsoft handgun, identification belonging to the victim and a stolen credit card. 

Police also discovered outstanding files involving the same suspects, which led to multiple charges against the pair. They are now facing a total of 46 charges.