Regina proposing cost cuts across wide range of services

Regina proposing cost cuts across wide range of services

Modified transit hours, scrapped recreational programs and closing a golf course are a few of the measures the City of Regina is looking at to alleviate some of the burden from a $10.3 million funding shortfall. 

Street use fee increases of 20 per cent are proposed.

Conventional transit would not operate on statutory holidays, nor would the $60,000 Regina Agribition transit grant continue. Transit funded by the Canada 150 program, such as July 1 plans, will remain unaffected. 

​Several programs are in line to have their funding reduced or be scrapped altogether.

The funding for the Leslie Lawn Bowling Greens could stop, as well as funding for the Snow Busters program and the Playescapes program. Cutting those three programs will save the city more than $240,000.

Shutting down the Regent Park Golf Course would save another $36,000. Reduction in flower pot maintenance, tree pruning, and fall herbicide spraying could save $131,500.

Landfill, recycling spending dialled back

The Regina landfill would move to winter hours, closing at 5:30 and will be closed on Sundays. In addition, garbage pickups will be moved to a bi-weekly schedule when winter rolls around.

Communication programs involving recycling education for the public and schools, plus advertising for the construction season could be axed for another $210,000 in savings.  

Other big savers are the elimination of the collection depot program — including leaf and yard waste pickups, household hazardous waste collection days, and the post-Christmas treecycle — saving $400,000, and a decrease in the asphalt maintenance program which would save $300,000.

The funding changes and cuts are some of the ways the city is looking to alleviate the burden of a $10.3 million funding shortfall after the province's grants in lieu program was scrapped in the March fiscal budget which also prompted the city to take another look at the municipal budget.

The measures will be discussed at Monday's city council meeting.

Correction : An earlier version of this story said that parking fees would be increasing. In fact, it is street use fees that are going up.(Apr 10, 2017 5:44 PM)