Regina residents join in on day of worldwide climate marches

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Regina residents join in on day of worldwide climate marches

Regina residents held their own climate march in front of the province's legislative assembly Saturday, joining in spirit with thousands of other marchers across Canada and the world.

The Regina contingent was there to demonstrate its desire for the Saskatchewan government to take a leading role in addressing climate change.

Organizer Frances Simonson said the provincial government has made strides in some areas, such as the regulation of methane releases in the oil and gas industry.

But there's still room for improvement overall, she said.

"Nothing in the Saskatchewan white paper on climate change gives the public an incentive to change any of their activities," she said, noting that her own family uses cloth diapers and has installed solar panels at their house.

Simonson said she's concerned about the world future generations will inherit.

"World food prices could go pretty high. We've got lots of different floods, disasters. It might be difficult to purchase home insurance. There are so many things I worry about that they'll actually have to deal with," she said.

'A community surrounding these issues'

Prairie Sky School Grade 1-3 teacher Kim Weiss also attended the march.

"It is part of the Saskatchewan curriculum to inform kids about ecojustice and to get them to know about the earth and climate change," said Weiss.

"It's really important for kids to learn about these things and to see there's a community surrounding these issues."