Regina restaurants to check out in 2020

Regina has something to offer even the most discerning foodies.

Mark Heise, president of Rebellion Brewing and local epicure, says there are some great eateries people should check out.

"It's fun just to come in with no expectations and just get to know these people," Heise told The Morning Edition's Stefani Langenegger.

Here's a few new spots, or hidden gems, that Heise said will make your mouth water.

Go-to place for grabbing lunch

Beaks Chicken 1511 11th Ave. 

Allan Pulga

"I'm sure everyone's had fried chicken before and everyone's had chicken fingers before, but if you haven't had Beaks Chicken (you should because) it is really that good," Heise said.

"They put a lot of care and love into what they do and you can taste the difference.

"I brought it in for my staff a few days ago and they were raving about it over and over and over."

Some favourite Asian cuisine

Ginger Garlic 230 N Winnipeg St.

Allan Pulga

The restaurant serves Nepalese fusion cuisine. 

"The eggplant dish eggplant chili and mushroom chili blew my mind," Heise said.

"I know some folks think, 'Oh vegetables, you don't make friends with salad.' But  I've been dreaming about the mushroom chili."

Milu Three locations

Allan Pulga

Heise is also a big fan of a Vietnamese restaurant Milu, which has three locations. 

"She's got the Bubble Teas, and the Pho, and the Vietnamese sauce. Everything is just kicked up a little notch, like pomegranates in your noodle bowl," Heise said. 

Filipino food scene

Savoury Food Trip 1419 11th Ave.

Facebook/Milu Fresh Rolls & Subs

Heise said a great place to introduce yourself to Filipino food in the city is Savoury Food Trip.

He said some people think it may be spicy, but it's more comfort food.

"They have a lot of signs in their windows about pizza and they'll ask if you want pizza. You don't want pizza. You want their dishes, Heise said. "You want the stews and all that sort of stuff. It's delicious.

"My favourite dish is the Sisig, which is ground pork with a bit of citrus on it and a lemon. Then they top it off with a fried egg so you get the savoury-ness of that rich thick yolk combined with the sharp bite of the lemon and it's just fantastic on a rice dish."

For the sweet tooth

The Everyday Kitchen  377 Hamilton St.


"What's really cool about Everyday Kitchen is it's sourdough doughnuts," Heise said.

"It's a little bit lighter and easier to digest.

"I don't like just chewing on just pure sugar so with that little tart it just kind of cuts that a little bit and makes for a more interesting, flavourful doughnut.

The space is also cool with an area for kids to play."

Restaurant you should try in 2020

Hunter Gatherer Vegetarian Diner 1221 15th Ave.


Heise said when he heard about this vegetarian diner he took a wait and see approach.

"I went in and it blew my mind," he said. "The food is fantastic."

The restaurant has also suffered a spate of break-ins recently.

"These folks work so hard trying to rejuvenate areas and they put their heart and soul into doing something unique and different," Heise said.

"From all reports people are rallying around them. It's a tight-knit community."