Regina ReStore looking for donations after appliance stock damaged by windstorm

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Last week's windstorm swept away some potential profits for Habitat for Humanity's Regina ReStore.

The home and building supply store, which sells donated building materials and furniture to raise money for Habitat, had appliances in its outdoor compound that were tossed around by the wind, and are now unusable.

"It was kind of an array of items," Amanda Partridge, manager of Regina's ReStore, said in an interview.

"Quite a few stoves were tossed around through the parking lot and washing machines — we had a few of those that seem to be in high demand right now, so we don't even have access to those anymore so it was kind of a hit," she said in an interview.

Along with the appliances, the store's sign was completely destroyed in the storm, Partridge said.

Submitted by Diane Robinson
Submitted by Diane Robinson

Now, the store, located at 1740 Broder St., is asking the public to help replenish its stock.

"We just aren't getting all the donations that we would hope for," she said.

Partridge wanted people to know the ReStore is open and taking donations, as some people have been confused about that. She said the store has implemented more cleaning measures for safety.

In addition to appliances, the ReStore also takes furniture and building supplies.