Regina sees more weed complaints in 2016

City of Regina crews had to pluck away at more calls than usual regarding weeds in the city last year.

The Parks and Open Space Department received 207 complaints about weeds, according to a report presented to the Community and Protective Services Committee Thursday.

- 64 complaints were for park weeds.

- 15 complaints were for buffer weeds (locations like Ring Road, Lewvan Drive).

- 57 complaints were for easements.

- 64 complaints were for miscellaneous spaces including rail roads, browfield sites.

- Seven complaints were made against herbicide use.

That's above the average of 150 complaints a year.

About 30 per cent of the city's parks and athletic fields were surveyed in 2016 to see if they need treatments for weed control. The survey found 49 spaces required treatment.

Each space is surveyed again following treatment. According to the report, 90 per cent of the treated parks were brought back under control after just one treatment.