Regina Tim Hortons team makes tribute to top doctor with sweater vest donut

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There may be nothing more Canadian than having a Tim Hortons donut made in your honour. Now Saskatchewan's top doctor knows just what that feels like.

A Tim Hortons production team member from Regina's Capital Crossing location designed a single, special donut this week to honour Chief Medical Health Officer Dr. Saqib Shahab and the work he's done throughout the pandemic.

The specialty treat is two chocolate eclair donuts frosted together in the shape of one, with caramel topping, in a rough approximation of the sweater vests Shahab is known to wear.

"It was just kind of an appreciation, a tribute to Dr. Shahab for everything he's doing to keep us all safe. And we thought making this donut would maybe put some smiles on people's faces," said Mike Di Stasi, a Tim Hortons franchisee in Regina.

Di Stasi says the team was inspired to make the donut after a small group of protesters went to Shahab's house in late January to protest COVID-19 restrictions.

The treat has now gotten a lot of attention on social media. Tim Hortons is not selling the donut, but Di Stasi says the intention was a simple one.

"Just having some nice news out there ... is kind of what we were going for here. And we thought that a cute sweater vest donut might do that, especially on a cold Saskatchewan day like today."

On Wednesday, Premier Scott Moe saw pictures of the tribute donut on Twitter.

"This is sweet! Great to see people and businesses across the province are sharing their support for Saskatchewan's top doctor," said Moe in a tweet.

No word yet on who gets to eat the now-famous donut.