Regina woman says she lost $1,500 in pizza delivery scam

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Tara Miller says she was scammed by someone who picked up her pizza order from a restaurant.  (Tara Miller - image credit)
Tara Miller says she was scammed by someone who picked up her pizza order from a restaurant. (Tara Miller - image credit)

A Regina woman says her bank account was drained after what seemed like an ordinary pizza delivery.

Tara Miller ordered pizza from a Regina restaurant at around 2:30 p.m. CST Saturday. About half an hour later, she received her pizza and everything else she ordered alongside it.

She said everything about the interaction was pretty straightforward. She paid with a card and tipped the affable delivery man $5. She said she has had many experiences with the same restaurant in the past and nothing had ever gone awry.

It wasn't until a few hours later when she checked her bank account that she noticed something horribly wrong.

"Everything was gone."

She said $1,500 had been taken from her bank account.

She went to the restaurant to bring up the issue and said the employees told her that her order wasn't for delivery, it was for pick-up.

Miller maintained that it was in fact for delivery and mentioned that she had company over at her home who can attest to that fact.

Miller said she was then told that an unfamiliar man had entered the restaurant and picked up the order on her behalf, saying that he was unsure who originally made the order.

"How could you let someone take a pizza out of the store, without even calling or confirming it with me?" she said.

Miller said she had a lot of things running through her mind.

"Was it the guy that took my call, did he set this all up?"

The Regina Police Service financial crimes unit said Thursday it had received two reports about the type of scam Miller described and is investigating. It said it appears the so-called delivery person was fraudulently posing as an employees of the restaurant or a delivery service. Police said the delivery person would pretend to have some trouble with the debit machine, but then say that the transaction was complete.

Miller has since cancelled her bank account and continues to try to sort the issue out with the restaurant for the time being. She has also filed a police report.

She said the manager of the restaurant has personally apologized to her and handed video surveillance footage from the restaurant over to the police in hopes of identifying the man who handled her pizza.

Although she was initially furious, she said this has not dimmed her view of the restaurant, as it has always dealt with her fairly in the past.

"You read about stuff like this all the time," Miller said. "It's not just their restaurant, it's other restaurants as well too."

Miller said this incident will make her take greater precautions in the future to avoid being in a situation like this again. She said she worries that something bad will happen every time she uses her bank card now.

Miller also urged restaurants to perform due diligence when confirming pick-up orders.

She also warns others to be on the lookout for potential scams, despite how savvy they may think they are.

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