Regina woman tracks 2017 temperatures in crocheted scarf

A woman from Regina is creating her personal weather record for 2017 — and it's to wear as a stylish accessory around her neck!

Crystal Stewart is crocheting a weather scarf, where each row marks a day's temperature. She started on Jan. 1 and plans to crochet a row for every day this year.

Stewart said she was inspired to take on the project when she saw other crocheters from around the world posting pictures in online crocheting groups of their own temperature blankets.

"I didn't think I could commit to doing a whole blanket," said Stewart, laughing. "So I shortened it to a scarf."

"This December I decided I was going to do it. I went ahead and bought the yarn and made that commitment," said Stewart.

Stewart said she follows the online community called The Crochet Crowd, and is also part of a local group called the Sisterhood of the Traveling Knitters. The local group meets once a week to crochet at a coffee shop in Regina.

Colour-coded crocheting

She said right now for winter, each line represents the day's low temperature. When the season turns to spring, she will represent the day's high temperature in the scarf. In fall, she'll go back to the daily low temperature.

"I work on it about once a week and I use Environment Canada's historical site to keep track of the temperatures," said Stewart.

"I put them into a spreadsheet that I have that shows me the high, the low, and the average for the day."

Stewart had colour-coded the temperatures Saskatchewan typically gets into eight different blocks.

She said working on the scarf and seeing a daily breakdown of temperatures makes it hard to complain about the cold.

"We're not as cold as we think we are!" said Stewart.

Stewart's scarf to date shows a lot of green in the month of February, which represents a daily low between - 9 C and 0 C.

There are also lots of light blue rows in the scarf, representing temperatures in the - 29 C and - 20 C range. These temperatures are predominantly higher up in the scarf, around the time period of January.

By the end of the year, Stewart will have a colourful keepsake commemorating Saskatchewan's many and varying temperatures for 2017.