Regina's wildest Christmas display is back

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For many years, Roch Dupont man put out a spectacular Christmas display on his Regina front yard.

Santa, the reindeer, the elves, blinking lights and inflatables — they were all there, attracting attention and admiration.

Then vandals and thieves destroyed his hard work and stole thousands of dollars of decorations.

Dupont vowed never again. In 2019 he announced with a sign on his lawn that he was done.

But amid the pandemic, Dupont's heart has grown three sizes. He has decided to go all out, once again.

"I decided that maybe some people needed some cheering up, so I decided to put everything back up again," he said. "To make a nice display."

Dupont says it takes him about 10 days to get everything set up.

You can find his magical display on Regina Avenue in the south end of the Queen City.

Matt Howard/CBC
Matt Howard/CBC