LRT comes close, but still short trains

Is seems the city's promise that Monday morning would finally see the full complement of LRT trains serving commuters on the Confederation Line hasn't panned out.

On Sunday night, transportation services GM John Manconi said the city had been assured by Rideau Transit Maintenance (RTM) 13 trains would be up and running for the following morning's commute, but he noted that could change.

There were 12 trains running Monday morning, while RTM scrambled to get the 13th back on track. OC Transpo said that would mean train service every four to five minutes.

Troy Charter, director of transit operations for the city, said Monday the last time OC Transpo had 13 trains running during a peak period was Jan. 17.

OC Transpo plans to have 13 trains running for Monday's afternoon commute. 

Despite the expected end to the train shortage, Manconi said OC Transpo would continue to run extra buses alongside the LRT.

The S1 buses will run as they did in January, from Tunney's Pasture, Hurdman, and Blair stations to downtown during morning rush hour and from downtown to the same three stations at afternoon peak hours.

The buses may be pulled from their regular routes.

"We will continue to assess the need for S1 supplemental bus service throughout the week and will monitor and adjust our response on a day-by-day basis as rail service stabilizes," said Manconi in a news release Sunday.