Hundreds gather for parade in memory of Robin Mercer-Sproule

Friends and family of lifelong N.W.T. athlete Robin Mercer-Sproule gathered Saturday for a vehicle parade that went through Yellowknife, passing locations significant to her life.  

Over 150 vehicles gathered at the Multiplex on Saturday afternoon, many with multiple people inside and decorations such as balloons, hockey jerseys and streamers on the outside.

"She wanted to do it all," said high-school friend Gail Nesbitt. 

Danielle d'Entremont / CBC

"Robin was just one of those athletes that took to every sport and she excelled in just about every sport that she played."

That's why the vehicle parade will pass by the Tommy Forrest ballpark and hockey rinks where Mercer-Sproule played during her 38-year career.

Mercer-Sproule died on May 16 after her second fight with cancer. She was 56.

'Legend of the Northwest Territories'

Melinda Coombs was one of Mercer-Sproule's long-time friends, and was at the parade on Saturday. She said it was no surprise that so many people gathered in her friend's memory.

"She was a legend of Northwest Territories ... she meant everything, all over the world."

Danielle d'Entremont/ CBC

The parade also passed by city hall, where Mercer-Sproule and her wife Traci Mercer-Sproule got married in 2016. The parade ended at the couple's home.

Nesbitt said friends and family got the idea for the parade after Yellowknife real estate giant Les Rocher died last month

Hundreds of vehicles gathered at the Multiplex in Yellowknife so they could file along the streets to celebrate Rocher, ending the parade at his home in Old Town. 

Submitted by Gail Nesbitt