Renfrew council unaware of plans to cut memorial tree in Low Square

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Renfrew -- The memorial tree in Low Square is not slated to be cut down, although a story saying the opposite is circulating.

“I’ve had several questions from people, and phone calls, in regard to the very big tree in Low Square, which is decorated with the RVH (Renfrew Victoria Hospital) Memory Lights at the moment,” Councillor Sandi Heins said at the January 12 council meeting, held via Zoom. “They have heard rumours that that tree, in regards to some plans that are coming forth for Low Square, is going to be cut down.

“I’d like to hear it, and be able to assure people, that that isn’t going to happen.”

The memorial tree was planted by the Cadet family who lost their firefighter son, she reminded council. There should be a lot of discussion before that should happen.

“When we planted that tree, it was maybe five feet high, and it’s grown into quite a lovely tree and is very momentous to the space and we certainly get a lot of comments on it, how beautiful it is,” Coun. Heins said.

“It’s really important to reassure the public that when things are underway in regards to planning of new, maybe a new layout of Low Square…things like the tree and anything that’s very momentous to them, deserves a lot of discussion before it is taken down,” Coun. Heins said.

Reeve Peter Emon, who has attended all economic and administration meetings, said the tree has never been discussed.

Councillor Mike Coulas said this discussion never occurred at Development and Works Committee. There has been discussion about the refurbishing of Low Square and making it user-friendly or updating it, but nothing was ever said of the tree, he added.

“If that comes to be, I’m most assured there will be a ton of discussion about it, I’m sure,” he said.

Coun. Heins said it just takes one person who is on municipal staff to say something, or to assume that, and say it in the wrong place, and then people assume that that’s exactly what’s happening.

Connie Tabbert, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Eganville Leader