Renfrew is getting a new Olympia ice resurfacer and a new roof for McDougall Mill Museum

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Renfrew – Kevin Hill, the town of Renfrew’s recreation department left council chamber last week smiling as he was able to solve a winter problem and a summer problem in less than 10 minutes as council approved his requests for a new ice resurfacer and a new roof for the McDougall Mill Museum.

While the total cost for the Olympia resurfacer came in under budget by $30,000, those unexpected savings seemed to melt away when the final amount awarded to a local contractor for the roofing project was $70,553, far above the budgeted amount of $45,000 as noted in the 2022 operational budget.

In order to make up the shortfall, council approved funding the overage by using the $12,152 from the Facilities Reserve, and the balance of $14,642.73 to be funded through the Asset Management (AMP2) Reserve.

By dipping into the Facilities Reserve to cover those costs, the closing balance of that envelope of money will be left at zero.

Mr. Hill explained why the cost for the roofing was higher than budgeted.

“The McDougall Mill Museum roof replacement was awarded to a local contractor in the fall of 2020, but the contractor was unable to complete the work and committed to doing so in the spring of 2021,” he said. “Unfortunately the work was not completed, and the department was not able to secure a contractor to complete the work in the fall of 2021.”

He said a member of the McDougall Mill Museum contacted members of the Parks, Recreation and Facilities Committee to have the work completed immediately.

“Unfortunately the cost of the job has increased by $26, 000,” he said. “Knowing the representatives of the McDougall Mill Museum Board selected the look and color to reflect the original appearance of the original roof on the museum the contractor is committed to working with their vision.

“Both town staff and the Museum Board has been working on the roof replacement with, Joe Leclaire from M&R Feeds for quite some time. It is our hope that the recommended contractor would support the previous work of a local supplier.”

Council agreed with Mr. Hill’s recommendation and awarded the $70,553 project to We Got It Covered Roofing.

Mr. Hill said the cost of the Olympia ice resurfacer was lowered due to the current trade-in value and an agreement with the distributor.

“The new Olympia Millennium H Ice Resurfacer for the Ma-te-way Activity Centre will come from Resurfice Corp. in the amount of $86,990,” he said. “However, the current 2014 Olympia Millennium Ice Resurfacer we use can be traded in for $26,000. As well, they provided a Customer Loyalty Discount of $3,000 and those savings leave the net cost of $57,990, plus HST.”

The roofing project has begun and the Olympia will be used at Ma-te-Way Activity Centre for the current rink and next year it will have additional resurfacing duties at the new second ice pad currently being installed.

Bruce McIntyre, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Eganville Leader

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