Renowned Codroy Valley adds 150 more acres of protected property

Even more land will be protected in the Codroy Valley — considered a haven for nature lovers and a crucial wetland and wildlife habitat located on Newfoundland's southwest coast.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) announced Friday that another 150 acres will be protected within the region. That's in addition to the approximately 450 acres the organization currently owns and protects.

"We are thrilled to be able to protect this valuable bird habitat and add it to the land NCC has already helped conserve in the Codroy Valley," said NCC program director Lanna Campbell in a news release Friday.

"The Codroy Valley is a key annual stopover site for thousands of migratory birds," according to the NCC.

Staff and volunteers have recorded 71 different bird species there in the last four years.

The latest property is located along the Grand Codroy Estuary, near the community of Doyles, 40 kilometres north of Channel-Port aux Basques.

The NCC is a not-for-profit land conservation organization that says it has helped protect 2.8 million acres of land across Canada.