Rep. Jasmine Crockett Roasts ‘Slow’ Marjorie Taylor Greene on Kimmel

ABC/Randy Holmes
ABC/Randy Holmes

Rep. Jasmine Crockett went viral last month when she fired back at Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene’s “bleach blonde bad-built butch body” at a televised hearing. The dig was in response to MTG’s insulting comment about Crockett’s “fake eyelashes,” and Crockett has no regrets about the incident.

“Can you tell us what led up to that?” Jimmy Kimmel asked the Texas Democrat on Thursday. “Was there anything that we didn’t see that precipitated that?”

“No, it’s just that Marjorie is a little slow,” Crockett said. “What most people don’t know is that on this particular day, we were supposed to have our hearing at 11 a.m… instead, it wasn’t until 8 p.m.”

The reason for the delay? Because MTG and some of her fellow Republicans were busy attending Donald Trump’s hush money trial in New York.

“So we had to wait for them to come back,” Crockett explained. “And the hearing was supposed to be about the [Attorney General], right? We’re supposed to be talking about AG Merrick Garland, and she starts talking about Judge Merchan. So now I’m upset because it’s already late at night, I’ve been here all day, ready to work, and she’s still talking about that failed trial. So I had to ask her if she understood, because she’s not the brightest.”

“She attacked you, personally,” Kimmel said, asking if Crockett had her comeback to MTG “floating around” in her head beforehand.

“Not really,” Crockett said. “When you clip it up, it looked like it was really fast, but it wasn’t. There was a lot of time that passed… So they were supposed to either kick her out, or she was supposed to apologize.”

Neither event happened, so it was by the end of the hearing that Crockett decided to insult MTG in return. “I looked over, and I dressed her from head to toe, and I wrote it down,” she said.

When Kimmel asked about the behind-the-scenes reaction from her fellow congressmen, Crockett revealed it was fairly positive: “Soon after, I saw a couple of Republican women that were like, wink, wink… and then I’ve had some Republican men walk up to me and say, ‘I love your eyelashes.’”

When Kimmel said, “I get the sense that it’s not just Democrats that don’t like her,” Crockett was quick to confirm, “Her people don’t like her either.”

As for why MTG has so few defenders in Congress? Crockett thinks it’s pretty clear. When Kimmel asked her if she thinks MTG’s the “dumbest person in the House of Representatives,” Crockett coolly replied, “I’d be hard-pressed to find someone dumber.”

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