Report: Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban talks about trading for Kyrie Irving

Rick Bowmer/Associated Press file photo

Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban has spoken about his team acquiring controversial guard Kyrie Irving in a trade with the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday.

Cuban, speaking with WFAA, on Monday said: “The opportunity to get another player like Kyrie that’s transcendental . . . this would give us the best backcourt in the NBA. We have probably the best ball-handler in Luka, and now we feel like we have the second-best, as well.”

Cuban added: “That [addition] creates unique opportunities, puts a lot of pressure on the defense, allows us to rest Luka more when Kyrie’s on the court. We really think it’s gonna be good for us.”

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Despite Irving’s troubles in the past with teammates, Cuban likes the pairing of Irving and Doncic will get along.

“Both of them just like to win,” Cuban said. “They’ll hit the hot man. They’ll move the ball. I don’t think either one feels like ‘OK, I have to score all the time.’ I know, with Luka, it’s always been go with the hot hand and let’s just win. Kyrie’s the same way.”

Cuban said he would not talk about Irvings’ past troubles. He also said that the Mavericks reached out to Doncic before the trade was made.

“Luka’s words were, ‘He’s really good!’” Cuban said.

Irving is expected to make his Mavericks debut on Wednesday against the Los Angeles Clippers. The game will be broadcast on ESPN at 9 p.m.