Report: LeBron James sued over barbershop show at center of beef with Nick Saban

LeBron James’ media company Uninterrupted has a web series featuring him with friends and colleagues chatting in a barbershop.

It’s called “The Shop.”

Nick Saban has a web series featuring him and former Alabama football players chatting in a barbershop.

It’s called “Shop Talk.”

Recently, James threatened Saban with legal action, claiming that Saban’s show was ripping off the concept of people talking in a barbershop that James apparently believes he owns.

Nick Saban snapped back and promised to continue with his show citing “20 barbershop-type things I’ve seen on TV” to counter James’ claim that the idea is his company’s intellectual property. Eddie Murphy, Ice Cube and Floyd from Mayberry certainly understand Saban’s point of view.

The conflict has spawned a petty public squabble between two of sports’ most powerful men.

LeBron James is reportedly pursuing and faced with legal action over perceived intellectual rights about barbershop-set entertainment. (AP)

Now James finds himself on the receiving end of barbershop-show related legal action, though not from Saban or Alabama. A company called Adventure Enterprises is suing James, claiming that it pitched a barbershop show to Uninterrupted and was cut out when “The Shop” became a reality, TMZ reports

The lawsuit claims that Adventure Enterprises talked with James’ company multiple times over the course of two years about the idea and is seeking an injunction to stop the show from airing along with cash damages, according to the report. The suit also claims that Uninterrupted apologized after the first episode of “The Shop” ran and promised not to run another before a second clip ran on ESPN.

A representative close to James and business partner Maverick Carter, who is also being sued, called the suit “totally frivolous and publicity seeking” in an interview with TMZ.

It seems that most of this dialogue is frivolous and publicity seeking. It’s also entertaining, so keep it coming fellas.

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