Report: Someone snapped a photo of Alex Rodriguez on the toilet and his lawyers are not happy

Alex Rodriguez's latest exposed moment was too distasteful for even the New York Post to touch. (AP)

Alex Rodriguez has had his share of tabloid moments.

Many of them have centered around vanity.

There was the infamous 2009 mirror kiss photo in Details Magazine that suggested nobody loves A-Rod as much as A-Rod does.

There was his topless Central Park sunbathing moment in 2006 that he clearly wanted the New York Post to document.

A-Rod’s not-so private moment

But Friday’s revelation is even beyond the sleazy bounds of The Post’s dedicated gossip section Page Six.

Rodriguez, like the rest of us, uses the toilet. He apparently enjoys doing so in the New York apartment he shares with Jennifer Lopez with his windows exposed. Page Six reports that somebody snapped an image of the retired Yankee doing his business in the privacy of his home from another building.

One step too far for tabloids

Page Six got a hold of the photo and — gasp — declined to run with it. The gossip rag arm of the publication that’s built a significant portion of its reputation on exposing the dirty secrets of A-Rod decided that this invasion of privacy was a step too far.

So good for them, we guess.

But the photo exists. And when it made its way to Twitter, Rodriguez’s lawyers apparently decided it was time to take action.

Per Page Six, citing a source:

“Alex’s lawyers are all over this. They are working hard to find out who the culprit is. It is a clear breach of privacy. The photo was obviously taken from the building next door, from a floor possibly parallel to Alex’s apartment. One of the hedge funds in the building next door will be getting a big lawsuit.”

It appears we’ve found the limits of how far New York tabloids will go. That limit is a picture of Alex Rodriguez sitting on the throne.

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