Report: These Are The States With The Most Collector Cars

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Fantasy sports website RotoWire recently took a look at the states with the most collector cars. The top six were for the most part not a surprise to us in the least, although we find it odd there’s zero mention of Montana and all its licensed supercars/hypercars.

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Most surprising to us was Minnesota coming in at number six out of the 50 states for collector cars. Sure, there’s a lot of people in the state, but we thought Michigan with its strong history of automotive culture would come in ahead of its rival to the west. RotoWire cites Hagerty concluding Minnesota is one of the friendliest states to classic car ownership as one of the chief reasons for its ranking.

At number five is Arizona, a state with plenty of sunny days and plenty of car-friendly regulations. There are plenty of automotive events in the Grand Canyon State, something Arizonans can enjoy during the dead heat of summer all the way through the notoriously light winters.

Texas comes in fourth, with RotoWire citing the weather factor, which is somewhat similar to Arizona, as well as the state’s “independent streak” which dovetails nicely with car culture.

New York ranks third, although RotoWire notes it’s expensive to register classic cars in the Empire State, not to mention other regulations. Still, a historical trend of car enthusiasm apparently overrides all that.

Florida is number two on the list, bolstered of course by the sunny weather, big population of retirees who have money to blow on collectable cars, and numerous automotive events held throughout the state.

To the shock of nobody who’s paid attention to the car scene for a while, California is number one in the nation for collector car numbers. There are countless shows, cruises, and other events surrounding both classic and modern collectable vehicles in the Golden State, not to mention no shortage of impressive car museums stocked with rides lent out from private collections. While California’s leverage in American car culture certainly has waned more recently, just like in the post-war era, it’s still a force to be reckoned with for now.

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