Reports of racist incidents in N.S. schools on the rise

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    "For these numbers to be increasing in 2016, 17, 18 … it's totally unacceptable," said Michael Fells, the African-Nova Scotian representative for the Tri-County Regional School Board. "It speaks to a system that is failing."


    There is that phrase again. As Dr. Jordan Peterson says, the five words or phrases that symbolize Marxism.

    1) Inclusion
    2) Diversity
    3) Equity
    4) White Privilege
    5) Systemic Racism

    Do you recognize any of these from all our Liberal political leaders?

    This is yet another sign of "identity politics".

    Marxism, socialism and Communism was responsible for murdering 100 million people in the 20th Century - do Millennials and Gen x'ers have to learn that lesson all over again. We boomers learn it by living through it, but are children wouldn't listen, "because we are old and irrelevant".

    I feel sorry for my children.
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    Who makes the determination of a 'RACIST' incident? ' Systemic racism is that like kids call each other names? I was called names and I called others names, I was bullied and I bullied. KIDS are KIDS. It seems to me we are getting more and more sensitive.
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    CBC PROPAGANDA, incidents increase when the criteria for racism widens. CBC does this when they say hate crimes increase ,when they start including graffitti as a hate crime.
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    reports of racism rise as the MSM and liberals wedge us all into groups of oppressed and oppressor based on our race then prejudice those who you blanket acuse with little to no proof
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    All I hear is Waaaaa!! I'm a special snowflake and everyone around me must acknowledge my special status and kiss my boots. The native (Siberian immigrants) Mi'kmaq have nothing to say considering their murdering past!