Rescue kitten tries disappearing act with new owner

Little Chanel. Photo from Twitter

Anyone who’s ever adopted a kitten knows they can certainly be a handful at times, and that’s exactly what one pet owner found out when her furry friend suddenly pulled a disappearing act right from under her nose.

Twitter user @Britneydortiz recently adopted a tiny kitten named Chanel from an animal shelter in San Bernardino, California after learning the tiny ball of fluff was scheduled to be put to sleep that day.

And taking care of Chanel is pretty much a full-time job. At only a few weeks old, the underage kitten requires round-the-clock care that would normally be her feline mother’s responsibility.

So you can imagine how stressed Chanel’s owner was when she went to give her kitten a bottle and suddenly it was nowhere to be found. That is until her grandpa eventually reached inside a Kleenex box on the kitchen table to grab a tissue and found something rather unusual hiding inside.

As it turns out, little Chanel had spotted the cozy little space inside the tissue box and naturally decided it would be the perfect place for a quick cat nap.

But thankfully it only took Chanel’s owner about an hour of searching, and near total panic-induced meltdown, before she was finally able to locate the mischevious kitten’s hiding place.

Pictures of Chanel’s disappearing act quickly went viral since being posted to Twitter on April 29th, being liked and shared hundreds of thousands of times in a matter of days. The viral fame also attracted a few skeptics, however, accusing the entire incident of being staged.

But Chanel’s owner was quick to address the deniers with some additional video evidence of her kitten’s playful nature in action.