Rescued baby raccoon preciously climbs new owner

All babies are playful and that includes baby raccoons. Watch as this adorable little fur ball tries to catch his owner’s finger and climbs all the way up her body like a tree. He is very gentle and does not scratch his rescuer, and you can tell that she is completely used to this sort of game.

This adorable baby named Elliott is a six week old raccoon rescue that always loves to be played with and cuddled. This heart warming video shows the two playing a game of fetch the finger in the barn. This infant raccoon was named Elliott after being found alone and abandoned in the middle of a road in Wainfleet, Ontario, Canada. He was so small, he was only the size of a six week old kitten. When found, Elliott was cold, dirty and scared and the Mother or any of his siblings could be found anywhere. Elliott was an orphan and needed a home and fast.

His rescuers took him to a nearby farm to clean him up and give him a hearty meal. He was aloud to run free around the farm and quickly became a part of the family, feeling completely comfortable with everyone that came around. The raccoon shares a special bond with his new owners and doesn't like to be away from them. This video shows how close they are!

Elliott lived on the farm, coming and going as he pleased, for about six months until the winter weather started to come in. One day, he went out and found a place to hibernate and never returned to the farm. It is nice to think that maybe he found his family or started a family of his own.

We are happy to see him having so much fun in the cute video. He was lucky to find such a safe and happy home!