Rescued Chicken Think She's A Lap Dog

This is Charlie, a chicken with a serious love for her new family. She sits contentedly on their laps and eats treats, as if she were a puppy. This is a chicken that has never known the typical farm life and she fits in here just like a pet. Charlie and her siblings were the last four chicks in a box out front of a country store. Jennifer and Jim, who run an animal sanctuary were in the store and they overheard a conversation about the chicks. A customer had come in and was asking about "broilers", meaning chickens that could be raised for an eventual spot at the dinner table. The image of these tiny souls being broiled made Jennifer spring into action. She quickly bought the chickens and brought them home to the Black Dog Farm and Rescue with no specific plan. Jennifer's children are animal lovers too and they readily adopted these new arrivals. Three were identical looking and they were named Charlie, Charley, and Charlee. All of them enjoyed a wonderful life with a huge enclosure to roam and explore, while being safe from predators. They were free when they could be supervised and they became attached to the children and the other animals here. Charlie developed bumblefoot and needed daily care and treatment. She was held while her foot was soaked and she was rewarded with treats for tolerating the handling. But surprisingly, Charlie developed a liking for the affection and cuddle time on Kennedy's lap. Charlie began approaching Kennedy and standing in front with her wings half outstretched, asking to be picked up. Charlie enjoyed the affection and also blueberries and cherry tomatoes. Even after the treatments were finished and her foot issues were resolved, daily lap cuddling was part of Charlie's routine. Sometimes she will even sleep on Kennedy's lap. Charlie proves that it isn't just dogs who like to be lap pets!