Rescued Leatherback Sea Turtle Returns to Waters of Cape Cod

A 600-pound leatherback sea turtle who was stranded on a Massachusetts beach returned to his watery home on October 10 after being rescued by teams from the International Fund for Animal Welfare and the New England Aquarium.

Heather McGowan filmed the inspiring sight as the creature inched toward the sea off Provincetown. Onlookers clapped when the animal swam away from shore.

The leatherback sea turtle was initially found stranded in the nearby town of Wellfleet.

Staff members from the New England Aquarium estimated that the turtle weighed in at 600 pounds and reached 5 feet in length. The IFAW noted that they had to use a dolphin stretcher and cart to transport him to the water’s edge. The species are the largest turtles in the world. Credit: Heather McGowan via Storyful

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