Rescued pit bull with incredible story loves new squeaky toy

Beauregard is a lucky old dog who has found a home at the Black Dog Farm and Rescue. It was a small miracle that he was found and given a second chance. Beauregard was completely alone, surviving somehow without any help from anyone. With an injured leg, he was limping his way to a creek to get a drink of water. As luck would have it, he picked the right moment because a car was driving past at that time. And the occupants of the car happened to be Jim and Jennifer, the owners of a beautiful sanctuary and rescue called Black Dog Farm and Rescue. Jim's treats and Jennifer's soft voice made it easy to trust these people and Beauregard was obviously hungry and in desperate need of help. Beau limped over to Jennifer with blood covered ears. After a few treats, he followed Jennifer around the truck and into the horse trailer that they were pulling. Jim closed the door and Jennifer rode in the trailer with Beau the rest of the way home. Beauregard didn't seem to mind. He was happy to find loving people and treats. Beau's first day was spent at the veterinary clinic getting his paw looked after. He had been caught in a coyote trap. It seems that he was stuck and had to free himself at the expense of part of his paw. The tears on his ears could have been from barbed wire or an attack. It's impossible to know exactly how old Beau is. His teeth were badly neglected and he was in rough shape when he was found. But he's found his forever home at the Black Dog Farm and Rescue. All he wants now is cuddles and noisy squeaky toys. Beau picked this toy out of the box himself and now he and his buddie, "Piggy" are inseparable. Black Dog Farm and Rescue is located in Texas. They take in the neediest and most hopeless cases that nobody else can or will help. Often, they are abandoned due to medical needs and expense. Other times, they are simply discarded animals who deserve much better treatment than what they had been getting. But when these beautiful souls find their way to Jim and Jennifer, they will always get the love and care that they deserve. This beautiful sanctuary relies on the kindness and support from animal lovers all over the world. They gratefully accept donations. They can be found on Facebook, Rumble, and YouTube. Anyone wishing to help them work their magic can comment on the Rumble video or reach out through Facebook.

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