Rescued Seal Spotted 'Dancing' in Uruguay

A fur seal was caught ‘dancing’ at a rescue center in Uruguay, swaying its hips back and forth before stopping immediately upon discovering it was being filmed.

Natalia Cara was at the SOS Rescate Fauna Marina in Punta Colorado, Uruguay, where she was helping rehabilitate animals before they were released back into the wild. One of the many animals she helped was a fur seal, who had been attacked by a dog and was then found by the SOS Rescate Fauna Marina and taken in until it fully recovered.

Cara was going about her daily duties when she spotted the seal appearing to dance. The video she recorded shows the fur seal swaying for a few moments until it realizes it is being watched, which prompts it to stop abruptly.

“This animal was not trained in any way; the dance is 100% his doing,” Cara told Storyful. “Unfortunately, he is a bit camera shy,” she added.

Cara informed Storyful that the seal was not fully recovered yet but once it is, it will be released back into the wild. Credit: Natalia Cara via Storyful

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