Residents of Pond Inlet advised to stay away from fuel spill

Residents of Pond Inlet are being advised that a diesel fuel was discovered on June 11.

The Department of Community and Government Services’ Petroleum Products Division (PPD) is recommending that residents and pets stay away from the PPD shore manifold area.

At approximately 7 p.m. on June 11, PPD was informed of a diesel fuel leak discovered by an engineering firm contracted by PPD. An estimated 7,000 litres of fuel has been spilled due to a ruptured flex connection in a pipeline.

By the time it was discovered, fuel had already stopped leaking since the impacted portion of the pipeline had emptied. Because of the pipeline section's steep gradient, most of the fuel is believed to have entered the ocean.

PPD is working closely with regulatory agencies, who are monitoring the response effort. The pipeline has been capped until repairs are complete. An environmental consultant has assessed the area and is preparing an action plan to correct the issue.

Residents are urged to contact the Department of Environment if they notice any oil floating on the surface of water or near the shoreline in the coming weeks.

Kira Wronska Dorward, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Nunavut News