Resolution passed by Brockton council supporting OFA’s stand on climate change

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BROCKTON – Council has passed a resolution supporting the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) regarding climate change.

At the April 27 meeting, Councillor Steve Adams made a notice of motion for the resolution, which was passed at the May 11 meeting.

As stated in the resolution, the OFA recognizes the need for action in combating climate change from all levels of government and individuals. However, such action should not unfairly and negatively impact the ability of Ontario farmers to compete in domestic or international markets.

There are currently very limited options to fossil fuels needed for agricultural production, and little or no ability on the part of farmers to pass on the cost of a carbon tax to consumers.

The OFA wants to discuss with federal government representatives many issues outlined in its climate action and agricultural support document, presented to Brockton council on April 27.

“Agriculture is important in Brockton,” said Adams. “If we can help … it’s why we wanted to put this forward.”

The resolution carried unanimously.

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times

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