Respect All Religions: Message In Uber Driver’s Cab Wins Internet

Quint NEON
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There's nothing quite as pure as the joy of stepping into a cab making friends with the cab driver. Sometimes such surprises turn into something else altogether. Recently, a Twitter user shared photos of one such Delhi cab driver.

Twitter user @PriyankaSamy shared photos of Uber driver Abdul Qadeer's cab. From the outside, Qadeer's cab looks like any regular vehicle, but inside it's a whole other world. Qadeer's cab experience is unique because it's filled with snacks and little snippets on humanity and religion.

"Impressed by his innovative and winning ways! There are so many things to learn and look out for in his cab, including snippets on 'Humanity' and 'Religious Harmony'. My best drive," the user tweeted.

Take a look at what's inside:

Fan, newspaper, sanitizier, water.. there's nothing you can't spot!

Qadeer has also arranged snacks for his guests!

Here's a snippet that talks about religious harmony

It reads, "We respect people of every religion. We cannot identify any religion on the basis of clothes."

He also has a "humble appeal" for his guests to be "polite to each other."

Social media users were quite impressed.

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