Retired male strippers put on a show for Steve Harvey on ‘This Week in Game Shows’

Here’s what happened this week on game shows.

On Family Feud, Steve Harvey asked, “Tell me something you might get your girlfriend but would never give to your mom.” He had to expect what was going to come next. The contestant proudly answered, “How about some sex toys?”

Also on Family Feud (which truly never fails to disappoint) Harvey found out that one male contestant used to perform as a stripper. His name? Poundcake. Poundcake then went on to regale Harvey and the audience with the unnerving reason why he stopped taking off his clothes for a living – a client stuck a quarter in his belly button.

On Jeopardy, America fell in love with quirky New York bartender Austin Rodgers, who is the current reigning champ. His fun personality even had the dignified Alex Trebek enjoying his antics. Trebek said of Austin, “I like his sense of humor, and I must confess, I am in awe of this young man Austin Rodgers.”

Finally, as always, Steve was left speechless when a game of “Never Have I Ever” went wrong on Family Feud. Steve asked, “Never have I ever done what?” The contestant quickly buzzed in to say, “Never have I ever … slept with an elephant?”

In other entertainment news, Steve Harvey was predictably perplexed by this Family Feud answer: