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Ursula Franklin

Canadian scientist Ursula Franklin was the first woman to be called a "University Professor" at the University of Toronto. She died on July 22, 2016 at 94 in a Toronto nursing home where she stayed with her husband. Photo from The Canadian Press

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    Interesting that most lists omit Fidel Castro, someone who had a profound impact on Cuba whether you agree with his politics or not
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    Strange reporting if you ask me. Someimportant people who pass away never get mentioned. Other times, insignificant events where people die get blown out of proportion.The media is crazy.
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    How come all year we have all the crappola about "celebs" and especially the shhit about Donald Trump. but these deaths were never acknowledged in Canada or is that because the news is only about the States and forget about Canada, we are not important!
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    Nothing about the doctor who discovered the cure for Smallpox?
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    When Doves Cry
    Some mightly impressive people in that list. RIP and may you all have made it to a better place.