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ADELAIDE METCALFE - A comprehensive review ordered by council was presented at its last meeting July 18.

Council was divided on moving forward now with all the staff report’s recommendations to follow new provincial rules on additional residential units (ARUs) that allow property owners two units in their homes, or three if they have another building on the land. The motion to get in motion on implementing the rule was defeated by Coun. Sue Clarke, Mike Brodie and Mayor Kurtis Smith, who wanted to give Clarke more time to read the details.

“I’m not feeling informed to make a good vote on it,” said Clarke during the meeting.

The issue will be brought up at the Aug. 8 meeting.

Council did unanimously pass directing staff to initiate the full Official Community Plan (OCP) review for 2023.

Stewart Findlater of Findlater & Associates Inc. laid out information meant to help update the OCP next year, which guides growth in Adelaide Metcalfe for the next 25 years.

That is if there is growth. Since 2001, the Township’s population is down from 3,300 to 3,000 in 2021. The medium projection for growth by Watson and Associates is 3,600 by 2046, and an increase of 350 home units.

Where any growth happens matters,with Findlater focusing on the hamlets of Kerwood, Adelaide, Napperton-Pike, Cairngorm, Walker and Napier.

“A lot of the development for residential purposes in recent years has taken place out in the rural area,” said Findlater.

There is enough empty land within settlement areas to accomodate expected growth.

“It suggests that the township needs about 27 net hectares, and you’ve got 37 net hectares available. So at this point there is certainly no need for any expansions to any of your settlement area boundaries to accommodate the projected growth over the next 25 years,” he added.

Findlater said the meeting was not the time to go into too much detail on the commercial corridor north of Strathroy. Adelaide Metcalfe is in a dispute with Strathroy-Caradoc on services.

“…the municipal services provided to Adelaide Metcalfe from Strathroy-Caradoc under agreement to these lands are vitally necessary for the continued benefit of the Township and surrounding area,” his written report read.

Chris Gareau, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Middlesex Banner

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