'Ric Flair! Ric Flair!' The Rams' audibles include some famous names

Offenses use all kinds of words for their audibles. They need to be fairly short and concise, and no two words should sound alike to avoid confusion on the field, as quarterbacks are trying to communicate to the 10 other men on the field.

Thanks to the great folks at NFL Films, who had Los Angeles Rams second-year quarterback mic’d up for his team’s game against the Texans last week, we’re getting a glimpse into the array of words the Rams use in their offense.

And there are some pretty good ones.

A good match: Rams’ first-year head coach Sean McVay and second-year quarterback Jared Goff have led a turnaround for Los Angeles. (AP)

The video above shows the full clip of Goff’s mic’d up segment, but here’s a shorter version, highlighting only the audibles:

Goff – and head coach/offensive play caller Sean McVay – use “Elvis!” in honor of the never-forgotten star performer, “Tupac!” in honor of rapper Tupac Shakur, “Obama!” for President Barack Obama, and “Ric Flair!” for the beloved professional wrestler.

There are probably others, but that’s quite a list of names.

The Rams are in the midst of an amazing turnaround under McVay, their rookie head coach: currently 7-2 (they only had four wins last year), they are the highest-scoring team in the NFL at 32.9 points per game.

Los Angeles managed just 14.0 PPG in 2016, and are currently on pace to become the first team in league history to go from worst scoring team in the league to highest-scoring in back-to-back seasons.