Richard Branson admits there was one thing he was 'nervous stiff' about before going to space

On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Tuesday, Richard Branson stopped by to talk about all things space travel. Of course just a few short days ago he boarded Virgin Galactic’s Unity rocket ship with five other people, and became the first billionaire to reach the edge of space with a suborbital flight on Sunday. And even after almost 17 years of working toward his dream of space travel, it turns out one of his biggest fears was something that any of us - billionaire or not - can understand.

When Colbert asked about the potential of becoming nauseous, which can happen when people experience zero gravity for the first time, Branson was honest with his answer.

“I was nervous stiff,” he said. “I mean, you got the world filming, and just imagine throwing up all over a spaceship.”

But luckily for Branson, and the millions of people watching, he was able to keep everything down on his way up, realizing in the moment that his first foray into space did not give him any kind of nauseous feelings.

“I just enjoyed it,” Branson said. “I was relieved, but it was -- it was extraordinary.”

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