Ricky Williams calls himself 'the high guy,' collapses in laughter

It’s a good thing to know oneself. Ricky Williams, the Texas football legend and outspoken marijuana advocate, was in the midst of analyzing Missouri quarterback Drew Lock when a bit of truth slipped out:

Williams offered that Lock would throw for 320 yards, and defended his optimistic projection by saying, “I wanted to be the high guy” … and then the entire panel collapsed in laughter at the implication.

Williams has long been one of the most insightful and introspective football players around, and he smoked his way in and out of trouble with the NFL throughout his career. Even so, he amassed more than 10,000 rushing yards and, against all odds, crafted a remarkable three-team career amid the (often self-inflicted) chaos.

As SB Nation noted, he’s also outspoken about what he sees as the benefits of marijuana: “I feel like I finally found a cause that I’m passionate about,” he said. “It’s about raising awareness and raising money to push the initiative in this country to regulate cannabis, and get people out of prison [for nonviolent cannabis-related offenses].”

Hey, if nothing else, a little marijuana talk clearly livens up those dull pregame panel discussions. (For the record, Williams was 51 yards off; Lock threw for 269 yards in Missouri’s 33-17 loss to Texas.)

Ricky Williams in a blaze of glory. (Getty)

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