Ring doorbell owner taken aback after reviewing nighttime camera footage: 'Unexpected visitor at the front door'

Ring doorbell footage in Australia caught the terrifying moment when a spider crawled over the lens and seemingly looked directly into the camera.

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Twitter user @fictillius, who was identified as Evan Smith via Storyful, uploaded the video to his Twitter account with the caption “Unexpected visitor at the front door.”

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Smith told Newsweek that he lives near bushland, which is known for housing spiders. It’s estimated that Australia has around 10,000 different species of spiders, which are the most widely distributed venomous creatures on the continent.

Australia’s spiders are so large because of the warm climate and because areas like the bushland that Smith lives near provide a lot of food for them. April is also the tail end of what Australians have dubbed “spider season.” Experts say that because November to April is the wettest time of year, particularly in southern Australia where Smith lives, spider populations can increase.

“I keep honeybees and native bees in my backyard, so I try not to spray any insecticides around outside,” Smith added.

While the specific spider that was crawling on his Ring camera isn’t identifiable, Twitter users were nonetheless horrified at the video.

“So you’ve moved out then, right?” one person asked Smith.

“House has been torched, homeless now,” he joked in reply.

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