Rita Simons says her EastEnders character may not be dead

Appearing on GMB, Rita Simons has teased that her EastEnders character Roxy Mitchell may not be dead after all. The character apparently drowned alongside her sister Ronnie (Samantha Womack) six years ago, which upset fans of the BBC soap at the time.

Video Transcript

- So we never saw a funeral scene, for example, when you left. So we don't know, do we, really what happened.

RITA SIMONS: I don't know.

- So could you come back, and would you come back?

RITA SIMONS: I could come back.

- Would you come back?

RITA SIMONS: Because you didn't see my body.

- I know.


- Would you come back?

RITA SIMONS: I don't know.

- Why?

RITA SIMONS: And you know what, it's awful because the fans are like, ah, come back. And I did this for the fans. I will say for now is I've left it so that the public finally understand Roxy may not be dead. So, in the future, who knows? But right now, I'm really having a lovely time not there and potentially going somewhere else.