Rival Labrador teams face off in 33rd annual Trapper's Cup

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Rival Labrador teams face off in 33rd annual Trapper's Cup

Another Max Winters Memorial Trapper's Cup is in the books in Labrador, with Happy Valley-Goose Bay keeping its winning streak alive.

The 33rd annual hockey game happened Thursday night at the E.J. Broomfield Memorial Arena.

Doug Blake, who played with the losing North West River Old Timers, said the rivalry between the two towns is real — but friendly — and the annual game is a bit of good fun.

Plus, it raises money for local minor hockey.

"It's not too bad for guys who only skate once a year, most of us," said Blake, who guesses he's played in 12 Trapper's Cups.

"We just do what we can," he said. "Do the best [we can do]."

His team's oldest player, who's also the captain and one of the best players, is 74.

Blake said Happy Valley-Goose Bay has won the last seven years and he was hoping to break the streak, but it wasn't meant to be.

The final score was 5-2 for Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

'A bit of fun'

Wayne Pottle, who plays on the Happy Valley-Goose Bay team, has been playing in the Trapper's Cup matches for six years

"A bit of fun. A little rivalry between North West River and Happy Valley and most guys slotted are players who played in the senior hockey league, same as we did on our team, so all in all it's pretty well even," he said.

The league takes only players of a certain age range, and who aren't playing in higher-level leagues.

"We have a lot of fun after the game is over, sit down and both teams come in the dressing room and have a big laugh about it. When you're out there on the ice, you play serious, you try to win, that's it," said Pottle.

The Trapper's cup is named after Max Winters, an Inuit elder who was known for his involvement with the Labrador Winter Games, as well as softball and hockey. He passed away in 2015.