'Riverdale' ends with another shocking murder

Kylie Mar
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On Riverdale, Archie Andrews was struggling with the shocking murder of his former lover, Ms. Grundy, in addition to the fact that he’s already been on edge since a masked killer shot his dad, Fred Andrews.

“The autopsy showed that she was strangled with something the killer grabbed on hand — a cello bow, of all things. There was a struggle. She fought back,” Alice Cooper told Archie.  After learning how Grundy was murdered, Archie’s mind immediately started racing until he ultimately came up with the theory that the mysterious masked murder who shot his father is also the person who killed Grundy, and it all happened to target him. At the police department, Archie explained his relationship with Grundy to an officer, sharing, “We were close. And I’m thinking … he found out about me. Ms. Grundy was killed with a cello bow. I gave her one before she left Riverdale. I’m betting it’s the murder weapon. Can’t you see? He’s sending me a message.”

Archie stayed on edge throughout the episode, even attacking his friend Reggie, who tried to pull a prank on him. Reggie asked Archie, “What if I had been the guy? You would have just tackled him? He has a gun, Andrews. He’s shot people. Only a dumbass lunatic brings a baseball bat to a gunfight.” This made Archie start thinking about a new plan.

At the end of the episode, Dilton Doiley gave a gun to Archie, who said, “I’m not crazy; the guy’s still out there. It’s just for protection.”

Archie isn’t crazy. The mysterious killer is still out there, and this week’s episode had another shocking ending that really drove fans crazy — the masked killer shot Moose!

Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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