RM’s Committee Review of OCP and Zoning Bylaw moves from Public to Private

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The committee moved a review of the Official Community Plan and Zoning bylaw to look at conflicts, errors and omissions to the morning of July 6th. The CAO Brandi Morissette recommended that the meeting only include staff and Council with the findings going to the public committee meeting.

Integral to the ethical standards of an RM is the responsibility to conduct business in a transparent manner. Transparency allows the public to see how and why their elected officials reach their decisions. Transparency is essential in holding those officials accountable for those decisions.

LMT asked the RM for comment on the decision to exclude the public and if they felt this decision was in line with their responsibility for transparency in the municipality.

Reeve Bob Schmidt responded, “In reply to your question about what is taking place on July 6th , this is not a meeting of Council. On the 6th, a group of councillors and admin staff will create a list of the OCP and Zoning Bylaw issues. The administration will then prepare reports, bylaw amendments, send out notices for public hearings, and place them on the agenda for future RM Council meetings. At those meetings and public hearings, ratepayers can participate in this matter and see how Council makes decisions.”

Jennifer Argue, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Last Mountain Times

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