RM of Dufferin: June Part two

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Spring Clean Up Bins Survey Results

Surveys were mailed out to the resorts of Kedleston, Highwood Beach, and Marion Heights regarding the spring clean-up bins that have been provided to area residents. After the majority of those surveyed said they did not want to continue the service funded through a sanitation levy, the RM council decided to discontinue the service.

Money in Dedicated Lands Account

A ratepayer submitted a request to the RM to confirm the amount of money in the RM’s reserve for dedicated lands. The reserve holds funds from the sale of municipal reserve land and money gathered from the RM’s boat slip leases.

CAO Rodney Audette said there is approximately $22,000 in the account. The ratepayer’s letter said they wanted the information to put together a proposal for developing public areas at Highwood Beach. Any proposal would require the approval of Council.

Permanent Fixtures on ER Lands at Northshore Lands

Councillor Bob Bennett recused himself for the discussion around permanent fixtures on Environmental Reserve lands at Northshore lands.

The two permanent fixtures for discussion were an electrical plugin at the shoreline and an area a lot owner developed. Council discussed that allowing these fixtures would encourage others to follow suit.

Council decided to adopt a policy that all developments along the lakeshore will align with the Water Security Agency’s standards.

Buffalo Vista Waste Disposal Request

The community of Buffalo Vista requested waste disposal services. Council responded to BV council may consider the service based on the sanitation levy to be applied to all development properties for cost recovery of the service.

SPYR Network Internet

Internet provider, SPYR Network, submitted a request to the RM to install utility poles on the municipal right of way for wireless services at Highwood Beach, Keddeslton, Marion Heights and the Village of Disley. After discussion among Council, the RM responded that the pole would be approved with a development permit and requested that one of the poles be moved to a more southerly location, allowing for more access.

Agenda Issues

Council made a motion that development permits will be placed on a separate report by the CAO and presented to Council. Development permits do not require council approval, and the recent inclusion of them on the agenda has been bogging the agenda down.

Northshore Lands sends letter to Community Planning - Connection to Daniel Drive letter to community planning.

Cameron Wyatt of Northshore Lands sent a letter to Community Planning refuting the Hamlet of North Grove’s concerns that the hook up to Daniel Drive would increase traffic flow through North Grove from the Northshore development.

Wyatt said that because their resort is privately owned, the general public would not be going through Northshore Lands, using Daniel drive hookup going through North Grove.

Reeve Russ Kirzinger asked Council what their understanding was regarding who could access the food trucks at the resort and who can use the boat launch. Council responded that the public could access both.

The RM is responding to Northshore lands that their presentation for allowing food trucks included that the public could access the trucks. In addition, the RM’s approval of the boat launch on publically owned environmental reserve in the development is also open to the public to use.

Because the boat launch is on public property, it needs to have public access. Therefore, the RM will own this road.

The Reeve mentioned that Cameron Wyatt had asked the RM not to refer to the area as Glamping and instead to North Shore Lands. Wyatt is the President and Founder of Glamping Resorts

The Reeve said he responded to Wyatt that ratepayers are submitting development permits under Glamping, and he should discuss the issue with those ratepayers. Another councillor noted that a semi-trailer visible from the highway says “

Letter for RM to sign onto with Resort Villages

The Reeve told the Council that he hadn’t signed the letter they agreed to sign onto with area Resort Villages for a moratorium on development on Buffalo Pound Lake. He said he would only sign on to prevent new, future development and not currently approved development. The RM has since clarified this and has signed the letter.

Closed Session

Council concluded the meeting after returning from the closed session with no new resolutions. The next meeting of Council is on Wednesday, July 07th at 8:00 am.

Jennifer Argue, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Last Mountain Times

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