RM of Edenwold approves Royal Park pre-engineering review

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A pre-engineering review of the Royal Park development received approval from RM of Edenwold council on Feb. 23.

Having the report approved by council will enable the developer to move ahead with their plans, while also providing clarity to nearby stakeholders on what the long-term plans are for that site.

The RM’s planning and development department reviewed the pre-engineering report and recommended that council approve the plan with conditions.

Some of those conditions included ensuring the developer inform buyers that, until a 250-millimetre water main is built through the Royal Park residential area, water services in the proposed business park will be limited and may not meet the needs of fire protection services. Storm runoff will also have to be accommodated through Picasso Pathways, as that’s where that water flows now. On-site storage of that storm water up to a 50 mm depth is another requirement, as are larger culverts on Betteridge Road.

The developer will also work with the municipality on roadway and intersection upgrades, though specifics were not addressed in the pre-engineering report.

“The problem I don’t see addressed at all is how you get traffic (from White City’s proposed Town Centre development) on to the highway without it negatively impacting Great Plains Industrial Drive,” Joyce said. “If there is an extension of Betteridge Road to the Pilot Butte overpass, I for one do not feel the RM of Edenwold should be spending dollars on that road to service that community.”

RM planning and development manager Jana Jedlic noted that discussions are ongoing with the neighbouring town around potential cost-sharing for the necessary roads, with Reeve Mitchell Huber adding he didn’t believe imminent action was necessary.

“I’m not as positive as the town is on the development of the Town Centre,” Huber said. “Frankly, it’s going to take decades.”

Joyce said he preferred to have agreements in place before they are needed, and didn’t see that in these plans.

“But how do you throw the ball that far?” Huber asked. “The correction to the problem is the extension of Betteridge Road all the way to the connection to the (Pilot Butte) overpass. But that’s not on the table today. It’s been initially discussed at a minor level. I guess we could get into a long-term agreement to say at some point you need to participate in that, but when will that be — 2045?”

Keith Borkowsky, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Quad Town Forum