RM of Edenwold talks animal bounties; Moe offers congrats

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Coyote and beaver bounties are remaining in place for the RM of Edenwold, council decided on Jan. 12.

Those presenting coyotes with four paws can earn $10 from the municipality while $50 is paid out for beavers.

Those wanting to collect their bounties should not take the evidence to the RM of Edenwold office. Instead, they should contact Coun. Dwayne Radmacher at (306) 771-2549 or Coun. Tim Brodt at (306) 539-9117 for further instructions.

“We pay them bounty for the tail,” Radmacher said of the beaver payouts.

After that, the bounty hunter has a few options. If they have a license to trap, they can skin the carcass and sell the pelt at a market in Winnipeg. If they don’t, the carcass can be sold to bear hunters as bait or disposed of by other legal means.

“Anyone who can take the pelt to Winnipeg can take it to market, and even then they can sell the rest of the carcass as bear bait,” Radmacher said. “That can cover the cost of gas, and the fur can be worth something too. Last year, coyotes were going foe around $125 (a pelt). Beaver can go for a pretty good price too.”


In a letter to the RM of Edenwold, Premier Scott Moe congratulated Reeve Mitchell Huber on his successful renewal of mandate in the last municipal election. Huber was acclaimed ahead of last November’s municipal elections.

Moe specifically noted the RM’s innovative ridesharing program.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to offer my congratulations on the RM of Edenwold partnering with 14 other municipalities to create a new ride-sharing bylaw,” Moe wrote. “I commend your initiative to ensuring that residents and workers have safe and affordable transportation. This is an excellent example of what can be accomplished when governments at all levels work together to serve our communities.”

Keith Borkowsky, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Quad Town Forum