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(Note: This report of the Minutes for the January 13, 2021 council meeting for the RM of Hoodoo No. 401 was written with the approval of Reeve Derreck Kolla, without any corrections that may have been made at the February 12, 2021 meeting, as the adopted minutes were not yet available. Any corrections will be noted and published in the next edition of the Wakaw Recorder.)

The regular meeting of the RM of Hoodoo No. 401 was held on January 13, 2021 with the following in attendance: Reeve Derreck Kolla, Councillors Hal Diederichs, Eugene Jungwirth, Reg Wedewer, Donavin Reding, Bruce Cron and Don Gabel along with Administrator Joan Corneil. Councillor Wedewer attended via telephone.

Deputy Reeve Reding called the meeting to order at 8:21 am and Cllr. Diederichs moved the adoption of the agenda as presented. Crd. Cllr. Jungwirth then moved that the December 9, 2020 Regular Meeting minutes be approved as corrected. As there were no Notices of Proclamations, presentations, public hearings, or delegations to present to Council the meeting moved forward to Communications.

A letter was received in December from Saskatchewan Municipal Hail Insurance detailing the number of claims within the municipality. Cllr. Wedewer moved that it be received and filed Crd.

*Garth Burkart entered Chambers at 10:05 am prior to the Foreman’s Report.

The Foreman’s report detailed the jobs the foreman had been working on in the month of December and asked for council’s direction going forward. Cllr. Jungwirth moved that the Foreman’s report for December be accepted. Crd. Cllr. Wedewer moved that the Foreman is authorized to order a liner for the lagoon, start the sludge removal using BTI Trucking for sludge removal, stockpiling rocks (for road construction project) and road maintenance, and order Thibault’s culvert. Crd.

The Administrator then presented her report after which Cllr. Cron moved that the report from the Administrator for December 9, 2020 to January 13, 2021 be accepted. Crd.

Cllr. Gabel moved that the invoice received from the Rural Municipal Administrators Association in the amount of $400.00 be paid and that amount to be included in the budget. Crd.

The Financial reports presented by Fay Stewart included the December 2020 bank reconciliation and bank statement, December 2020 financial summary and a detailed report, as well as the list of accounts for approval as of January 13th, 2021. Cllr. Diederichs moved that the CFO report be accepted as presented. Crd. Cllr. Diederichs also moved that the Financial Statements and Bank reconciliation for December 31, 2020 be approved. Crd.

*Reeve Kolla entered the Chambers at 10:23 am and resumed the Chair.

Cllr. Diederichs moved to approve the following Lists of Accounts with cheques #27821 – 27894 totalling $791,406.81. Crd. Cllr. Gabel further moved that the payment to the Town of Cudwsorth for shared fire costs in the amount of $2,844.37 be paid. Crd.

Cllr. Cron moved the SaskWater Logs and Reports for the months of September, October and November 2020 were received and filed. Crd.

A motion was made by Reeve Kolla that Council move to Committee of the Whole-in camera at 11:15 am to discuss land, legal, labour and/or strategic planning according to the Municipalities Act Section 120. Crd.

*Council recessed for lunch at 12:10 pm and reconvened at 1:13 pm.

A motion was made by Reeve Kolla the Council reconvene to Regular Council meeting at 1:22 pm. Crd.

Clr. Reding moved that Madsine Madsen be paid for overtime hours worked in the period 2016 to 2018 inclusive in the amount of eight thousand five hundred and twenty-three dollars and fifty-three cents ($8,523.53) less deductions. Crd.

The Reeve and Councillors forum followed with the discussion of length of meetings and remuneration (Cllr. Gabel), gravel and RM of St Louis (Cllr. Jungwirth), T4 slip error (Cllr. Reding), and interest from the RM of Aberdeen regarding the purchase of equipment (Reeve Kolla).

Items under Unfinished Business were next addressed by council, the first being the appointment of a Pest Control Officer. Cllr. Wedewer moved that council authorizes administration to advertise for a new joint pest control officer for the RM of Hoodoo & RM of Three Lakes for 2021. Crd.

The next item related to a previous motion made by council pertaining to the Road Maintenance Agreement with the RM of St. Louis. The RM of St. Louis wrote back rejecting councils request for an increase in the fees paid in the Agreement. Cllr. Jungwirth moved that the correspondence be received and filed. Crd.

SGI has opened a grant program called the Provincial Traffic Safety Fund Grant. The program provides funding for digital solar speed signs, Cllr. Deiderichs moved that administration is authorized to apply to SGI for a grant to cover the cost of digital solar speed signs and that the CAO is authorized to sign the agreement if approved by SGI and order the sign(s). Crd.

Cllr. Diederichs moved that the following list of Committee Appointments be approved for the Standing Committees: (Reeve is ex-officio on all Standing Committees) Budget: Cllrs. Reding and Gable; Human Resources: Cllrs. Jungwirth and Redewer; OH&S: Cllrs. Diederichs and Cron; Road Committee: Cllrs. Wedewer and Jungwirth; Fire Committee: Cllrs. Diederichs and Wedewer; and to the Outside Boards and Committees Carrot River Valley Watershed Authority: Cllr. Gable alternate Cllr. Cron; Cudworth Community Health Council: Reeve Kolla and CAO; Cudworth Recreation Board: Reeve Kolla; Lakeview Pioneer Lodge: Cllr. Gable; North Central Transportation Planning Committee: Cllr. Cron; REACT: Cllr. Diederichs; St. Michael’s Haven: Cllrs. Diederichs and Wedewer; Wakaw Community Health Council: Cllr. Cron and CAO; Wakaw Regional Park: Cllrs. Cron and Reding; Wakaw Lake Stewardship Group: Cllr. Cron and Madsine Madsen; Wakaw Recreation Board: Cllr. Gable. Crd.

Cllr. Cron moved that the quotes received for cyber liability insurance be referred to budget. Crd.

The final old business to be dealt with was a request from a ratepayer to waive the tax enforcement charge levied against their 2019 tax arrears, Cllr. Gable moved that the request be received and filed. Crd.

The next agenda item was New Business and the first new business presented related to the regular Council meeting dates. Cllr. Wedewer moved that administration be directed to post the Regular Council Meeting dates of the RM of Hoodoo No. 401 as the second Wednesday of each month commencing January 1, 2021 except for the months of May and September, those months to be at the call of the Reeve. Crd.

Next Cllr. Jungwirth made a motion relating to the subdivision application for the south half of Section 20-42-26 W2. Cllr. Jungwirth moved that administration is directed to respond to Government Relations – Community Planning that the proposed subdivision of S ½ Sec. 20-42-26 W2M that the intended use Agricultural is not in conflict with surrounding land uses, that there are no RM facilities that will be affected by the subdivision and that a servicing agreement will be required for the construction of the Service road that connects parcels D, F, and G and that the RM is in favour of the subdivision. Crd.

The 2021 firefighter appointments for the Hoodoo/Wakaw Fire: Ray Beaumann - Chief, Albert Venne – Deputy Chief, Jeff Kohle – Captain, Brandon Piche – Captain, Terry Oleksyn, Dennet Boschman, Josh Haussecker, Gilbert Maraboto, Rob Michayluk, Jayden Rudichuk, Gregory Frie, Jackson Skoworodko, Cullen Giesbrecht, Tyler Skoworodko (Junior), Darryl Giesbrecht, Matthew Stan, and Steve Tarnowski; Hoodoo/Cudworth Fire: Dar LaRiviere – Chief, Brent Koenning – Deputy Chief, Dallas Baumann – Captain, Dallas Leuschen – Lieutenant, Aaron Hadland, Amanda Sosnowski – First Responder, Amy Loeffelholz – Firefighter/First Responder, Anna-Marie Baumann – First Responder, Anthony Malach, Robin Leuschen – Firefighter/First Responder, Jelmer Wiersma, Clayton Lingel, Jesse Medernach – Firefighter/First Responder, John Eckel – Firefighter/First Responder, Kolby Leuschen, Kreig Lieffers, Kris Lieffers, Marissa Parker, Patrick Miazga, Karis Leuschen (Junior), Robin Leuschen – Firefighter/First Responder, Sheldon Doetzel. Crd. Cllr. Gabel moved that fire agreements fee schedules and wages be received and filed. Crd.

Concerning the 2021 Hamlet allocation for the 2021 Municipal Levy, Cllr. Cron moved that Council authorizes the 2021 Hamlet allocation to be set at 40% for the 2021 Municipal Levy for Balone Beach Hamlet and Cudsaskwa Beach Hamlet. Crd.

The Declaration of Eligibility must be submitted by January 31, 2021 and Cllr. Reding moved that Council confirms that the RM of Hoodoo No. 401 meets the eligibility requirements to receive the municipal sharing grants and authorizes the Administrator to sign the Declaration of Eligibility and submit to the Ministry of Government Relations. Crd.

The next item on the agenda was the approval of the application of a new septic hauler. Cllr. Cron moved that Todd Briens operating under Water Security permit for Bruce MacDougall be given temporary permission for one month to haul septic to RM of Hoodoo lagoons pending approval of Water Security Agency-permission will be and annual renewal, and that the Reeve is authorized to sign the documents related to obtaining Water Security approval. Crd.

Cllr. Redding moved that a resolution be sent to SARM for consideration at the 2021 Annual SARM meeting regarding an amendment to the Planning and Development Act or a Ministerial resolution to exempt Rural Municipalities from being required to receive Ministerial Approval when making changes to their Zoning Bylaws. Crd.

In that Madsine Madsen is in the process of stepping down from her duties with the RM, Cllr. Wedewer moved that the Reeve and CAO are authorized to sign the resolution regarding the MasterCard agreement through Conexus Credit Union and that the card issued to Madsine Madsen be discontinued and a new one issued in the name of Fay Stewart, that card to have a limit of $5000. Crd.

Cllr. Jungwirth moved that the Employee Bonds and Insurance Report be acknowledged. Crd.

With the annual SARM membership fee be due in February, Cllr. Diederichs moved that Council authorizes administration to prepare the cheque to pay for annual SARM membership fees for 2021. Crd.

Another annual necessity is the maintenance and re-certification of the RM weigh scale, Cllr. Gabel moved that Council authorizes administration to engage Industrial Scale to come and perform the annual maintenance and re-certification on the RM weigh scale. Crd.

In 2020 the RM of Hoodoo applied for grant money to have the RM office renovated and an addition attached. Cllr. Cron moved that Council authorizes administration to contact CADvantage Design Ltd. To proceed with preparing a building plan for the office renovation and addition. Crd.

On March 22, 2021 the RM of Hoodoo’s permit to operate a waterworks will expire and a new one is required to be executed before the expiration of the current one, in order for the water stations to remain operational. Cllr. Reding moved that Council authorizes administration to contact Water Security Agency and inform them there are no objections or lack of it to the terms and conditions of the draft permit to operate a waterworks. Crd.

A request was received by the administration to lease or purchase one of the lagoon buildings, Cllr. Wedewer moved that the request be received and filed. Crd.

The date for the next meeting is January 15, 2021 at 9 am and again at 9:30 am.

Reeve Kolla moved the meeting be adjourned at 4:42 pm. Crd.

Carol Baldwin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Wakaw Recorder