Road rage leads to punches thrown in Toronto parking lot

Screenshot from Adam LeRoy via YouTube.

A fight broke out in the parking lot of a busy Toronto grocery store this past weekend, and it was all caught on camera.

The incident took place outside of No Frills at Cedarbrae Mall, which is located in the eastern suburb of Scarborough. A bystander noticed a group of people fighting by the entrance of the store and quickly began recording video, which was uploaded to YouTube on Saturday by Adam LeRoy.

In the footage, you can see two men and two women physically attacking each other on the pavement, right beside their vehicles. The two men can be clearly seen trading punches while the two women appear to be pulling at each other’s hair.

WARNING: The video below contains violence and offensive language.

Others quickly try to get in the middle of the violence to break up the fight, but both parties didn’t appear to be willing to let things go.

“Stop, stop, stop,” one woman says loudly in the background. “Hey, stop it,” a man can be heard pleading. “You’re in the public here, come on,” another bystander chimes in.

Within a mere 30 seconds, a crowd of at least a dozen people can be seen watching the fight with amazement in their eyes.

It’s not entirely clear what started the fight, but it didn’t seem like anyone was seriously hurt. The video already has more than 20,000 views online and serves as a reminder for people to take it easy behind the wheel to avoid getting involved in something like this.

Screenshot from Adam LeRoy via YouTube.