Road rage shooting left 6-year-old girl paralyzed, Kentucky cops say. Two now arrested

Two people are facing new charges after a road rage shooting left a 6-year-old girl paralyzed, news outlets reported.

In early July, Onyx Sands was riding in the backseat of an SUV with two other children when she was hit by gunfire in Louisville, police told WAVE.

Officials said people inside the SUV got into an altercation with three motorcyclists. Then, roughly 15 shots were fired at the SUV, one striking Onyx in the back, Louisville Metro Police told WLKY.

Shelby Bisconer, 33, and Edward Sark, 22, were both arrested Tuesday, Aug. 29, and charged with wanton endangerment, police told WAVE. Sark is also charged with assault, according to the news outlet, citing police.

Police told WAVE 33-year-old Jonathan Rivera was also arrested July 11 and charged with possession of a handgun as a convicted felon.

Arrest reports obtained by WAVE say Bisconer and Sark both fired shots at the SUV. Sark is accused of firing the shot that struck Onyx, police said, according to WAVE.

Onyx was released from the hospital in mid-August, after being there for about a month, WHAS reported.

“I know it’s just been 39 days but we have come a long way,” Onyx’s mother Chyna told the news outlet. “We started out (in) the ICU and those were some of the hardest nights.”

Witnesses told police Sark, who had a female passenger on his motorcycle, got behind the SUV while they were driving on a freeway, and began firing, according to WLKY.

Sark and the other motorcyclists were allegedly weaving in and out of traffic, and driving at high rates of speed, WLKY reported, according to police. The driver of the SUV hit Sark’s motorcycle when they were getting off an exit ramp, knocking Sark into a vehicle in front of him, police told WLKY.

Sands is now in a wheelchair and has been undergoing therapy, WHAS reported.

Police say the family and the suspects did not know each other, according to WAVE.

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