Rob Ford calls for man behind lawsuit to pay his legal costs

Mayor Rob Ford's lawyer says the man who brought the conflict-of-interest case against him should have to cover about $120,000 in legal costs.

The mayor's legal team has filed documents with the divisional court, and if the court rules in his favour, Paul Magder, will have to be responsible for the costs.

This comes as Toronto Coun. Doug Ford, called on the city's integrity commissioner to step down or apologize to his brother over the conflict-of-interest case.

Coun. Ford says Janet Leiper's initial report on Mayor Ford's conflict-of-interest case triggered a chain of events that almost forced the mayor out of office.

“Because of her decision, it ended up causing major hurt, not only to Rob and his family, but most of all to the city,” said Ford. “It was unstable there for a month or so because of her decision and I don’t see any apology.”

In November a divisional court ruling ordered Rob Ford removed from office for voting on a council motion that would have allowed the mayor to avoid repaying $3,150 in donations to his football charity.

An appeal court overturned that ruling in January. A three-judge panel agreed with arguments made by Ford’s lawyers that council never had the power to compel the mayor to pay back the donations.

On Thursday, Leiper told council she never sought legal advice before demanding Mayor Ford repay the money.

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