Rob Ford’s crack video finally made public

The video that the late Rob Ford, former mayor of Toronto, denied existed is now available for the public to see.

Back in May 2013, Ford said that a video showing him smoking crack at a house in Etobicoke “does not exist.”

In the video, a woman off camera eggs Ford about “What the f**k is a Liberal?” and how she would like to kick Justin Trudeau in the butt because of his “bullsh*t.”

Ford is mumbling in agreement and talks about how people see him as “right-wing conservative” and then the conversation turns to how he’s for the kids and that’s why the woman loves him.

The video has already been seen by others — in 2015, it was played in court as evidence at the preliminary hearing for Alexander “Sandro” Lisi — Ford’s friend and former driver — who had been charged with allegedly attempting to extort a gang member in order to get a hold of the cellphone footage.

Three Toronto Star reporters have also watched the video.

The video is now public as the charge against Lisi was dropped Thursday, thereby lifting a publication ban.

Ford is not around to experience the fallout: he died March 22 after an18-month battle with cancer.

Toronto’s former police chief Bill Blair launched an investigation into the mayor’s activities, billed as Project Brazen 2.

Senior officers, who include the city’s current chief Mark Saunders, found the video. It was recovered from a laptop seized during a guns and drugs raid that also nabbed the man police believe filmed the crack video and another man who had been trying to sell it to the media.

Blair said at the time the video of the mayor “depicts images that are consistent with those previously reported in the press.”

“As a citizen of Toronto I’m disappointed,” he added.

Ford, who was never charged with anything, declared: “I have no reason to resign.”