Rob Gronkowski discourages kids from participating in dangerous Tide Pod Challenge

Rob Gronkowski teamed up with Tide to deliver an important message about the dangers of the Tide Pod Challenge. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

Everything you are about to read is going to sound like total nonsense, but we assure you it’s real. New England Patriots star tight end Rob Gronkowski has teamed up with Tide to warn kids about the dangers of eating laundry detergent.

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This is, inexplicably, a thing. There’s a new viral challenge going around known as the Tide Pod Challenge, in which teens are encouraged to eat a Tide Pod and post video of it online.

It has apparently picked up enough steam, or at least prompted enough concern, that Tide decided to issue a PSA discouraging people from eating laundry detergent. They enlisted Gronkowski’s help to get the point across.

After repeatedly saying “no,” when asked whether “eating Tide Pods is a good idea, Gronk sums up this entire fad with one sentence: “What the heck is going on, people?”

Please don’t eat Tide Pods. As you might expect, they can be exceptionally harmful to your body.

If you aren’t wise enough to listen to us, listen to Gronk. It might be the only time in your life you get that advice.

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